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Latest Announcement: 

The RFPB Annual Meeting will occur September 28, 2022 at the Army Navy Country Club, 1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia. 

DRESS/UNIFORM:  Civilians-Business Casual; Military Members-Class B or Service equivalent, Khakis (Navy).


  • Address is 1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia, 22202.  Vehicle access to the ANCC is open to all board members and attendees. Additional transportation will be provided from the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Crystal City.
  • PARKING – Valet Parking is available and encouraged for all board members and attendees.

LODGING:  A block of rooms at the Embassy Suites by Hilton, 1393 S Eads Street, Arlington, VA, 22202 (phone: 703-979-9799) are available September 27-28 at the per diem rate of $257, with a reduced rate for parking of $25 per day.  RFPB Members who need lodging for Sep 27-28 should contact Embassy Suites directly to reserve a room NLT September 12 (Group Code = Reserve Forces Policy Board).  Travel and lodging will be reimbursed. 


NO-HOST SOCIAL: RFPB Members are invited to a no-host social at the Embassy Suites lobby at 1730.  POC - COL Sean Counihan will be present to greet members.

MEETING LUNCH: Lunch break begins at 1200 after the Reserve Leadership Roundtable. An ANCC provided lunch buffet is available for purchase.  The “Annapolis Buffet” features a Maryland Crab Bisque, seasonal selection of fruits, New Potato Salad, Greek asparagus salad, fresh baked rolls with butter, wedge salad, assorted sandwiches (Reuben, grilled chicken wrap, grilled vegetable wrap, roast beef sandwich, and a Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich), Old Bay Chips, and cookies & brownies.  The cost of the lunch buffet is $45 per person

Please visit this link to RSVP for lunch: Click here

Points of Contact for meeting coordination:

Ms. Margaret Odhiambo, DTS: margaret.a.odhiambo.ctr@mail.mil    202-893-1014

Col Julia Hunt, Chief of Staff: julia.s.hunt.mil@mail.mil   703-965-7129

COL Sean Counihan, Lodging and Refreshments: sean.f.counihan.mil@mail.mil   202-819-3488

Reserve Forces Policy Board Overview

The Reserve Forces Policy Board is, by law, a federal advisory committee within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. As mandated by Congress, it serves as an independent adviser to provide advice and recommendations directly to the Secretary of Defense on strategies, policies, and practices designed to improve and enhance the capabilities, efficiency, and effectiveness of the reserve components.

The Board may act on matters referred to it by the chair and on any matter raised by a member of the Board or the Secretary of Defense.

The 20-member Board has a civilian chairman and includes a non-voting Military Executive and Senior Enlisted representative, a member or former member of each of the seven reserve components of the armed forces, and ten U.S. citizens with significant knowledge and experience in national security and reserve component matters. Board members represent a wide range of industry, business, professional, and civic experience, in addition to their military expertise, which combined provide the Secretary of Defense with a unique and independent body of senior officials to review and comment on Reserve component programs and policies.

By law, the Secretary of Defense annually transmits to the President and Congress a separate report from the Reserve Forces Policy Board on any reserve component matter that the Board considers appropriate to include in the report.