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Major General Burke W. Whitman, USMCR - Board Member

Major General Burke W. Whitman serves as the Commanding General of 4th Marine Division, a ground combat force comprising 17,000 United States Marines and Sailors.

As a Marine, he has commanded infantry, recon, and light armor units at multiple levels: platoons, companies, a battalion, and an infantry regiment. He served on staffs at U.S. Central Command (J3) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (J5). He led forces aboard ship, on five continents, and in combat operations in Bosnia, Iraq, and two tours in Afghanistan. As a general, he has served as ADC 2D MARDIV; DC II MEF; DIR MAG ISAF/RSM (AFG); CDR CFLMCC EAGER LION (JOR); DIR MF HQMC; and CG 4TH MARDIV.

As a corporate executive, he has served as the CEO, President, CFO, and Board Member of multiple corporations, including two Fortune 500 companies traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Institutional Investor Magazine has repeatedly named him a Best CFO and Best CEO.

As a volunteer, he has served on the boards of Toys for Tots Foundation, the Federation of American Hospitals, Marine Corps University, Lovett School, and on the Founders Group of the National Museum of the Marine Corps. He is a member of the Reserve Forces Policy Board and chairs the Marine Board.

Reared in Atlanta, he earned a high school diploma from the Lovett School, a BA from Dartmouth College where he played rugby while on a work scholarship, an MBA from Harvard University, and an MSS from the Army War College. He is a member of the Anglican Communion of Churches. For his lifelong service and leadership in both the civilian and military sectors, Dartmouth College in 2013 awarded him its first annual James Wright Award for Distinguished Service.

1 August 2018

Major General Burke W. Whitman

MajGen Burke W. Whitman